Welcome to Bradan's World!

Welcome to Bradan’s World! Proud Makers of the Heroes of History Collectible Card Game. The card game approved by kids, parents, and teachers to learn history while building armies and smiting your enemy.
Please help us with Kickstarter! We're raising funds for Iron Phalanx vs. Dragonboat Raiders. The campaign is September 7th-October 6th and we have lots of great rewards for our backers. Check us out!

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First drafts are done!

The first drafts for the new set of Heroes of History cards, the 9-card booster expansion, are all finished. Check out our Facebook page or Kickstarter page for more information and to view our cards. As of this writing we are currently finalizing black and white sketches and are into the next stage, color drafts of the cards.
If you would like to purchase either the latest set, Iron Phalanx vs. Dragonboat Raiders, and/or the 9-card expansion set, e-mail the owner at sam@bradansworld.com. 

We are FUNDED!

The second set of Heroes of History is funded! On our second try, Heroes raised $5,340 and is now in the final states of pre-production, before going to the printer.
We will soon be unveiling our first-look expansion sets featuring Blackbeard, the Queen Anne's Revenge, and Julius Caesar, among cards that are part of a limited-run booster set. Keep visiting bradansworld.com for all the latest updates on the set!

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