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Welcome to Bradan’s World! Proud Makers of the Heroes of History Collectible Card Game. The card game approved by kids, parents, and teachers to learn history while building armies and smiting your enemy.
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Are we becoming an ignorant nation?

This week America remembers the life of President George HW Bush, our nation's 41st president. He was quite the distinguished gentleman: a former Naval pilot, oil executive, congresman, UN Ambassador, Republican Party Chairman, CIA Director, Vice President, and cultimating as President in 1989, George HW Bush did not live a quiet life.
However, George HW Bush is part of  dying past, and not just literally; many Americans increasingly forget the history of not only America, but of the world.
Don't think it's just history- we're failing mathscience, and general knowledge.  If you think this is only kids who are struggling, I assure you many adults are no better: about half of all students who attend college are in remedial classes and a small but growing percentage of adults are "functionally illiterate".
Thomas Jefferson once wrote, "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." No truer words were spoken in this country, as we are witnesses the effects of what happens when people lack knowledge but expect solutions.
We can't speak for other countries, but don't doubt similiar trends can be witnessed worldwide. The internet offers us the great opportunity to have the knowledge of the world at your fingertips,  but many would rather watch cats playing piano on YouTube or the latest musical.ly lip syncher. 
This is why Bradan's World exists: we want to offer educational training to every generation of people. Every person who learns anything from our games and services is someone else who can share that knowledge with the future so we don't lose it by ignoring our past.
You too can be part of the solution. Sign up for our email lists (on the home page) and support our work by purchasing Heroes of History from Amazon, eBay, or your local game store or national park museum.

What's Next for Us?

The Copies of Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx vs. Dragonboat Raiders is moving closer to America, day by day. We will work on fulfilling all Kickstarter pledges and then making remaining copies available to online purchasers and game stores who want to stock new sets in their shops.
As for what's next, folks have asked whether new sets will be created. The answer is unfortunately no, unless the game sales take off and money can be put back into Bradan's World. Of course, the real deal is that the Heroes was meant to be one game and not the entire company. While it's nice to have Thor battle Genghis Khan in the Roman Colisseum, we wanted to be more than just one game. The current plan is to first sell off as much of the remaining inventory of both games as possible, then decide on what comes next. Whether that means closing Bradan's World, keeping it small and nimble, or expanding depends on what the public wants.
Given that about 90 percent of new products do not succeed, that sometimes the ones which do either take years to catch on or are not explainable (baby shark song anyone?), and few ideas are profitable in the long run, we are not sure about the future of the Heroes. However, in the meantime we're living in the moment and focusing on making our customers happy with their new sets.
If we were to make another game, what would you want to see?

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