About Us
Bradan's World™ was founded after years of recognizing that students are individuals who don't all learn the same way. While adults debate over which new education method works best, millions of students will continue to lose their childhood years being guinea pigs for unproven education programs run by those who say "this time we'll get it right."
Few students actually enjoy studying. Yet, we've seen the tremendous impact a great teacher or parent or any other adult can have on a child, getting them excited to learn and desire to better themselves. We've also seen the opposite, where students become discouraged and disengaged with their academic careers. Recognizing that most people would rather play games than study, we want to be the bridge between the positive inspiration that encourages learning and exploration, and the kid inside all of us.
We believe our love of history, fantasy, and mythology can be used to get kids, parents, and teachers to play games that aren't the usual, cheesy educational games, but that are actually addictive (in a good way). Where George Washington blasting enemies with a cannon teaches us about both the "Father of our Country" and how a colonial-era cannon was fired. Where Common Sense means drawing two cards and knowing that 240 years ago, Thomas Paine published a pamphlet that rallied Americans to rise up against oppression and change the world. And where someday, dragons and leprechauns and Thor will teach Spanish or French or how to run a business.
This is Bradan's World. Where traditions become legends.