Frequently Asked Questions

About Heroes of History

Q. How is Heroes of History different than other card common games?
A. HOH has a few rules similar to Magic: The Gathering and YuGioh, two popular games with large followings. This makes the learning curve less steep for players familiar with both games. We have rules which differ from both games, so check out our advanced rules page. The main difference is, we use real-world people, places, and items, and there are no enchantments, magic, or trap cards used.

Despite our name, we are more of a "Living Card Game" (LCG) than a true collectible card game, because we don't intend to sell randomized booster packs. When you buy a core deck box or expansion set, you will get all the cards in that deck set or expansion pack. However, the LCG term is trademarked by Fantasy Flight Games. We also hope that, even if you don't play card games, you will collect the cards which features incredible artwork done by our professional artists.

Q. How do I know the facts on your cards are historically accurate and that you didn't just lift words off Wikipedia like a lazy person?
A. Wikipedia was used to identify potential cards but only sources cited by Wikipedia were used to verify factual information. Besides those citations, all historical facts came from any or all of the following: Peer-reviewed academic journals, information from credible sources such as PBS or from displays at National Parks, and traditionally-published historical non-fiction books. The cards were reviewed by a professional teacher and a professional newspaper editor for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. That said, we are only human and if you find an error on any of our cards, please e-mail us at and let us know.

For those of you interested in further reading on a subject present in our game, we are happy to direct you to books or web articles with further information.

Q. The illustrations are great. Did you draw these?
A. The illustrations were created by a team of great illustrators and put together by our card layout artist Benjamin Seyler. One way we distinguish ourselves from some other games is that we always list the artist as the original illustratior (Bradan's World is proud to support indie artists) and we don't omit the artist's name from their work. This is different than issues of copyright, which are handled through separate arrangements.

Q. I love your game! I want my parents/ kids/ brother/ sister/ grandma/ teacher/ student/ basement gnomes to love this game as much as I do. But I don't like that I just have two decks of 50 cards each. Will you release more cards?
A. Our next set of Heroes of History will feature mythological monsters and real legends, with information on the legend or myth and where they came from. The tentatively scheduled release is for August 2016. In the meantime, if you want to order specific cards without buying a whole new box, e-mail us at

Remember, you do not have to play with the shrink-wrapped decks as they come packaged. We encourage you to mix the decks up, add new cards, or play from one deck (see the question below, part 2.)

Q. I have some issues with the gameplay. For example, I'm confused by: 1. Multi-player option.
A. HOH is packaged for 2 players, but you can play this game with more players. We don't recommend more than 4 players at a time but there is no limit in casual play. Each player should have their own decks but players can assist teammates. One acceptable method of play is to hold a draft for the cards in order to keep the decks as balanced as possible. Please read the advanced rules page for more information on the multi-player rule.

Q. 2. unusual game situations.
A. We have a few examples of uncommon game scenarios which occured, with rules explanations. Visit the advanced rules page and scroll down to "Scenarios" for some examples of problem resolution. If your particular game situation is unresolved, send the owner an e-mail at He's played the game numerous times and can resolve any problem you have with interpreting the rules to the card or card effects.

Q. 3. some other situation or concern not addressed on this page or the advanced rules page.
A. E-mail Sam at

About the Company

Q. Why are you called Bradan's World? Who's Bradan?
A. This is a secret- we'll never tell. Just kidding, we'll reveal the answer sometime in the Unless you already know. In which case, don't tell anyone yet.

Q. Will you make other types of games besides Heroes of History?
A. We are operating on a tight budget, so right now we're all about the heroes. In the future, we intend to create different types of games to cover different types of subjects. We are working on a pure deck-building game involving dragons and fantasy creatures that will teach Spanish or French, or possibly another language. We also hope someday to make an entrance into the digital gaming space. At this time there is no timetable to publish any games besides Heroes of History. Please subscribe to our e-mails and check the news pages for news and updates on our products.

About Shipping

Q. Where can I purchase this game?
A. Visit the Buy Online section or the Delano Services e-store to purchase your copies of Heroes of History. All shipping policies are the same as the store you purchase from. We also sell Heroes of History to card game shops and national park gift stores, in addition to individual e-commerce sites. Check with your local game shop or national park gift store to see if the game is being sold.

We offer wholesale discounts for larger orders. Please e-mail us at for more information on wholesale orders. If you would like to buy individual cards without buying a new box, e-mail us with your request.