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September 10, 2018
Heroes of History set finally here!
After many months of redoing the Heroes set, we finally produced a sample copy.
We finished the first half of our journey last November, working hard to persuade backers to help bring the Heroes to Life. However, a review of the set we had shown at the time revealed that it did not meet the high standards we expect from our products. So we endeavored to redo the graphic design for the cards, the box, and the rulebook, and we added 9 new expansion pack cards primarily for this Kickstarter campaign.  It took several months but the entire set was redone to make the art easier to see and the cards easier to read, not to mention a sleek new look we think fans will love.
The next step was to choose a new printer. The company we were considering for the Kickstarter campaign fell through and we went with option B and then Option C, which we are hoping will work without having to go to Option D! We had issues matching our files to what the printers needed, so that took MORE time to make revisions to print with the proper bleed, trim, etc. Do Fine Games is the company we are currently working with to get this set made.
We've had nearly 9 months of setbacks, and it took far longer than anticipated to find a printer and come to terms with getting this set made. We are now awaiting the actual printed sets but are confident they will feel as beautiful as they look (check the picture out in the PDF file). If they do meet our standards, we will order the full pallet of copies to deliver to our HQ so we can then ship copies to backers.
This process is part of an ongoing dialogue on how to build  a community and not just a game. Let us know how to feel by commenting or by emailing us at: sam@bradansworld.com. We want to know how we can improve and what we can do better.

The Education System is Failing Our Kids

Bradan's World will soon have Heroes of History featured in a new review of Heroes of History. The reviwer had glowing things to say about the game, but this line in particular stood out:
"the game is PERFECT for equipping younger students with experiential learning opportunities. Was that an intentional decision ...or was it an indirect effect of developing the game? I know games like this are sometimes harder for younger kids to grasp (a lot of them just end up collecting the cards rather than playing the actual game)."
The reason Bradan's World was founded was PRECISELY for this reason. Contrary to what some believe, we are NOT a card game company; rather, we are about improving learning by using games. Now, this is not limited exclusively to children. We also can produce educational games to assist adults, whether that's getting into business school or learning to do your job better. However, the point is the same in that most children and adults are disengaged from learning.
Just as an example, on the last 8th grade U.S. History assessment by the US Department of Education, most students scored less than "proficient" on basic knowledge of our countries founding. 
Even the gifted students don't perform much better. A recent student by the National Assessment of Educational Progress shows that only 18% of Honors Algebra I graduates had what could be deemed as a "rigorous" course. A significant portion of time is dedicated to studying subjects deemed "less rigorous". 
There are far more examples of kids and parents struggling with Common Core Mathof teacher burnout, or of overall lack of school funding, among problems in our schools- and this doesn't even count the number of Adults in remedial classes or who cannot read and write on a basic level (it's a heartbreaking 14% as of a recent student, or 50 million American adults). We can and should do better for all.
Our games are not about assigning blame for mediocre scholastic performance or poorly educated adults. We are trying to show that we have an idea as to how we can improve learning in America, as well as for people in other countries. Stay tuned to this series as we explore this troubling trend in education decline.

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