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First drafts are done!

The first drafts for the new set of Heroes of History cards, the 9-card booster expansion, are all finished. Check out our Facebook page or Kickstarter page for more information and to view our cards. As of this writing we are currently finalizing black and white sketches and are into the next stage, color drafts of the cards.
If you would like to purchase either the latest set, Iron Phalanx vs. Dragonboat Raiders, and/or the 9-card expansion set, e-mail the owner at 

We are FUNDED!

The second set of Heroes of History is funded! On our second try, Heroes raised $5,340 and is now in the final states of pre-production, before going to the printer.
We will soon be unveiling our first-look expansion sets featuring Blackbeard, the Queen Anne's Revenge, and Julius Caesar, among cards that are part of a limited-run booster set. Keep visiting for all the latest updates on the set!

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Stores carrying Heroes of History

Please support small businesses and local game stores by purchasing copies of Heroes of History from any of the following locations:
Gamer's Gambit- Danbury
Kid's Ketch- Lewes
The Days of Knights- Newark
Mason's Used Books- Ocean City
Shananigans- Baltimore
Neverland Games- Hagerstown
National Museum of Civil War Medicine- Frederick
Round Table Games- Carver
JP Comics and Games- Jamaica Plain
New Jersey
All in One Collectibles- Randolph
Stormwatch Comics- West Berlin
Aetherstorm Gaming- North Cape May
East Coast Gamers- Toms River
Dragon's Lair- Newton
Tiki Tiki Board Games- Woodbury
Elite Battlegrounds- Green Twsp.
Time Warp Comics and Games- Cedar Grove
Carnation City Comics- Alliance
Taz's Games- Alliance
The Guard Tower- Columbus
The Games Keep- West Chester
Phantom of the Attic Comics- Pittsburgh
Valley Forge National Park- Valley Forge (The Encampment Store)
Phantasm Comics- New Hope
Portal Comics and Gaming- Bethlehem
Adventure Games- Scranton
Pamplin Historical Park & National Museum of the American Civil War Soldier
Comic Kings- Virginia Beach
Tower of Games- Virginia Beach
Museum of the Confederacy- Richmond & Appomattox 
Starport- Lynchburg
The Game Vault- Fredericksburg
Patriot Games- Woodbridge
West Virginia
Your Hobby Place-Martinsburg
Don't see your store up there? Or want to order copies of Heroes of History? Reach us at

Iron Phalanx vs. Dragonboat Raiders comes September 7th

Have you ever wanted to know what would happen if Alexander the Great fought Erik Bloodaxe? Or what if Alexander had to fight Thor instead? On September 7th, you'll have that chance with the first expansion for the Heroes of History Card Game ( featured on Kickstarter.

When Iron Phalanx faces Dragonboat Raiders, players will have the chance to play heroes and kings of ancient Greece and Scandanavia in an effort to win the battle in the Trenches and seize the day. Use cards like Wheel of Fates or Long Walls to keep your opponent from attacking your forces. Then, turn the tide with King Leonidas and Odysseus, each wielding sarissa spears, on your Norse opponent. But beware- the Norsemen can bring out Thor and Rollo at any time, use Magic Runestones to enhance Thor's power, and let him use Mjolnir to hammer away at your State Points. If you don't like where the battle's going, choose to fight in Valhalla or the Palace of Knossos (also known as the Minotaur's Lair) and see if you can overwhelm your opponent with your power!

Regular updates will be on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We hope you will consider funding this campaign!


Heroes of History TV Show Part of New Service Offering

     Bradan's World is announcing that the first iteration of the Heroes of History TV show as an effort to boost interest in the Heroes of History Card Game and also to test the next stage of the business model, which is to offer clients custom-made videos specifically designed to boost learning performance for any age group or situation.
      The first episode is set to be released in mid-November and will feature the theme "Make Alexander Great Again". This short miniseries will focus on Alex the Great's efforts to win an election in the fictional town of Eastbury. The series will intersperse historical information into the plot to engage audiences so they better retain information.
     The objective is to launch a new creative service, producing educational media series for any range of topics or needs. Want a TV series to specifically teach algebra? We're betting we can create something more engaging than any other video service, and which are tailored to your needs to better improve algebra test scores in your classroom. Are you a business who wants a better way of teaching complex occupation safety hazard principles to your employees? We can create the appropriate form of media to help your employees better retain relevant information. We work with you to help identify your goals, and assist in researching your topic to make sure we're getting you the most value for your dollar.
     This service is available on a beta level only; as such we'll give you 30 percent off our normal price to be a part of our trial run.  
     For more information or to inquire abour video production services, contact the Owner at


We will make the  following upcoming appearances:
August 21-27 West End Fair Gilbert, PA
August 25-28 TempleCon Providence, Rhode Island
September 10 Boston Festival of Indie Games Cambridge, MA
September 17 Connecticut Festival of Indie Games
Tabletop Shop in Newington, CT

Heroes of History rulebook

Attached is the Heroes of History rulebook. Click the link for the full rules.

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Bradan's World to Sponsor CT-FIG

Newark- Bradan's World is pleased to be a sponsor for the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games, hosted by Geek Fever Games and The Tabletop Shop in Newington, CT.
"This is the first time Bradan's World has ever been a sponsor of any event," said Sam Friedman, Owner. "And we couldn't have picked a better event- an up-and-coming tabletop game festival wwhich is introducing new gamers to the rennaissance of tabletop gaming we've seen over the last seven years."
In addition to showing off Heroes of History: Midnight Riders and Echoes of the Plains, Bradan's World will also show off the expansion set of Iron Phalanx and Dragonboat Raiders. Players will be able to duel with Greek and Norse legends, with an all-new set of weapon, battlefield, and supply cards to use against your opposition.

Kickstarter relaunch on May 16th!

At long last, Heroes of History is coming back! On Tuesday, May 16th, Heroes will relaunch its campaign. The goal: Raise enough money to get the second set printed up. 

This time the gods of Valhalla and Olympus have come to join real-life legends to create a battle that's literally for the ages. Give Thor Mjolnir and hammer away at King Leonidas before his 300 Spartans finish their shield wall. Or, turn the tables with Odysseus wielding Artemis's Bow and feed Viking kings to the Minotaur. And for more fun, bring in the Americans for a truly timeless brawl!  

DISCLOSURE: This is an expansion set for the original Heroes of History card game, featuring Midnight Riders (Revolutionary War) and Echoes of the Plains (Civil War). You do NOT need the first set to play the second set. They can be played together or separately.



Be a part of us with this, and you will win some awesome rewards, plus you're helping to make history epic!

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Heroes of History Finalist for FIGGIE Award

Newark, DE- Bradan's World is pleased to announce that Heroes of History, the company's inaugural game, has been selected to be showcased at the Boston Festival of Indie Games and is a finalist for a FIGGIE from the festival.
"This is a big deal," says Samuel Friedman, Owner. "This is an up-and-coming award and I've noticed whenever I speak to game store owners or museum gift shop managers and tell them about the FIGGIE, they are always impressed. The selective nature of the award and the caliber of the judges within the tabletop community shows that Heroes of History is a great game that covers both the fun of smashing your opponents in the trenches with weapons, while also providing some educational value to gamers."
The Fifth Annual Boston Festival of Indie Games takes places Saturday, September 10th at the MIT Johnson Athletic Center in Cambridge, MA from 10am-5pm. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.
About Bradan's World: We are an educational gaming company with a focus on games that make learning more interesting. Heroes of History lets you play as Combatants from different time periods to see who would win in a battle in the trenches. For more information, please  contact us at:
Samuel Friedman