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Are e-Sports overtaking Tabletop Games and Learning?

Back when this company was first starting, the Owner wanted to make digital games which could be used as learning tools to help children and adults master concepts and improve efficiency in the training/learning process. Either kids could use the tool in school to better understand science, math ,or history; or adults could use the games to get trained faster for their job than with current methods.
Well, we didn''t have the money or expertise needed to develop a game, so tabletop gaming seemed like the best way to go at the time. Heroes of History was thus born and while it has been reasonably successful, it has not generated the kind of money needed to grow a business. In short, it is a learning experience in business that will help our team learn more for future investmnt opportunities.
But the Owner foresaw the future when gamification of everyday learning would replace the traditional learning methods used in schools and people would enjoy more leisure time to enjoy media, particularly the digital kind. This forecasting is proving to be more correct, especially with the rise of e-Sports.
"Philly gamers, rejoice: The first ground-up, purpose-built esports arena in the country will see the light of day in South Philly come 2021.
"Fusion Arena, future home to Philly’s official Overwatch team, is a $50 million project from Comcast Spectacor and real estate firm The Cordish Companies. Upon completion in 2021, the hub will be a 3,500-seat arena dedicated to esports and entertainment, located near Xfinity Live! in the Philadelphia Sports Complex.
The gaming hive will feature 60,000 square feet of new construction, a 6,000-square-foot public entry section and 2,000 square feet of “interactive media surface” hovering above visitor’s heads. Another 10,000 square feet of space inside the arena will be dedicated to a training facility, broadcast studio and team offices."
This is the future. There are now enough people into Overwatch, League of Legends, and various sporting games like NBA and FIFA where people will pay to watch strangers play video  games, the irony being that people prefer to watch someone play a video game of LeBron James in an NBA Finals game than actually watch LeBron James in an NBA Finals game.
The question is, will Western Civilization reach the point where work is so automated people have plenty of time to improve as humans? Or will we see social unrest as automation continues to cut into people's jobs? In any case, Bradan's World hopes to be part of the new world order, so to speak (not THAT New World Order).

The College Admissions Scandal proves the system is rigged

By now you’ve probably heard about the college admissions scandal involving children of the rich and famous. The latest scandal involves moving away from the traditional method of cheating to help your kids get into college my making a “generous” donation to build a new science wing or arts center, and by coincidence your son or daughter now “qualifies” to make it into that school. This new one involves hiring professionals to help students cheat on SAT scores or college admissions essays to get into the institutions of higher learning. The bigger question is not who was involved, but why they do it.
Our current social system is theoretically based on meritocracy, where positions, opportunities, and respect are awarded to those who deserve it; while theoretically this is a great and fair system, in reality we know American society is hardly based on meritocracy. Not only because it’s not entirely possible to have one, but because those who control the top positions in business, law, medicine, journalism, academia, or politics have little interest in doing anything but maintaining the status quo because they benefit from it.
It should not matter where one attends school, yet we see increasingly “prestigious” universities filling the ranks of top positions in society. Whether it’s a Forbes 30 under 30 list, scholarly academic positions, or the leading elected officials, an increasingly smaller share of schools contribute an increasingly larger share of the top of the social order. All 9 Supreme Court justices attended an Ivy League institution, and 8 of 9 are Harvard or Yale graduates. A disproportionate share of top businesspeople  and lawyers went to a “top-tier” school, where having the right social connections and brand name on the sheepskin can help open doors that are closed to people who don’t have that brand name or who don’t live in the top social order. As inequality on our society grows (income, wealth, opportunity, etc), you will see more desperation from parents to make sure their son or daughter gets into these schools so they can benefit from being in the “club” while otherwise decent colleges or trade schools will be seen as “inferior”.
Unfortunately, we also have a society where those who attended these “prestigious” schools control most of our institutions, and set it up so those who are fellow attendees have an “in” that is not provided. It is not clear why so many Americans tolerate a system which favors a small few at the expense of everyone else, but perhaps daily propaganda from the media elites (many of whom also share the same connections- Chelsea Clinton anyone?) has persuaded the average fool that s/he is better of letting the “smarter, better-educated” people make all the decisions because they must be good if they went to the proper schools, no?
Until or unless ordinary Americans wake up and realize how corrosive the rigging has become on our society, we will continue to see cheating scandals like this one, and opportunity gaps for all but a select few (whether deserving or not) and the top of the ladder. You can tell how badly the elites want to preserve the system: Check out the dating app The League, which is exclusively for people who went to a “top” university. And see how many people have signed up for this, because they want to make sure they date and marry only the “sophisticated” group and not have to deal with the rest of us riff-raff. The graduates of these universities want to have children who will also benefit from a rigged system and perpetuate the inequality cycle.
Bradan’s World’s hope is to see a world where one’s ambition and drive determines success, not who your parents are or whether you are in the “right” social circle. We will continue advocating for good education for all and will always support the truth, not the mainstream media propaganda.

Get free money when you buy Heroes of History!

Looking for copies of Heroes of History? Follow the link to Amazon below:
And even better, get a 10% rebate when you email with the code GEEK10 (For Getting Geeky with Gamer Leaf fans) or HERO10 and you will receive 10% of your purchase back. So make history epic and see if you have what it takes to be a hero!

Are we becoming an ignorant nation?

This week America remembers the life of President George HW Bush, our nation's 41st president. He was quite the distinguished gentleman: a former Naval pilot, oil executive, congresman, UN Ambassador, Republican Party Chairman, CIA Director, Vice President, and cultimating as President in 1989, George HW Bush did not live a quiet life.
However, George HW Bush is part of  dying past, and not just literally; many Americans increasingly forget the history of not only America, but of the world.
Don't think it's just history- we're failing mathscience, and general knowledge.  If you think this is only kids who are struggling, I assure you many adults are no better: about half of all students who attend college are in remedial classes and a small but growing percentage of adults are "functionally illiterate".
Thomas Jefferson once wrote, "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." No truer words were spoken in this country, as we are witnesses the effects of what happens when people lack knowledge but expect solutions.
We can't speak for other countries, but don't doubt similiar trends can be witnessed worldwide. The internet offers us the great opportunity to have the knowledge of the world at your fingertips,  but many would rather watch cats playing piano on YouTube or the latest lip syncher. 
This is why Bradan's World exists: we want to offer educational training to every generation of people. Every person who learns anything from our games and services is someone else who can share that knowledge with the future so we don't lose it by ignoring our past.
You too can be part of the solution. Sign up for our email lists (on the home page) and support our work by purchasing Heroes of History from Amazon, eBay, or your local game store or national park museum.

What's Next for Us?

The Copies of Heroes of History: Iron Phalanx vs. Dragonboat Raiders is moving closer to America, day by day. We will work on fulfilling all Kickstarter pledges and then making remaining copies available to online purchasers and game stores who want to stock new sets in their shops.
As for what's next, folks have asked whether new sets will be created. The answer is unfortunately no, unless the game sales take off and money can be put back into Bradan's World. Of course, the real deal is that the Heroes was meant to be one game and not the entire company. While it's nice to have Thor battle Genghis Khan in the Roman Colisseum, we wanted to be more than just one game. The current plan is to first sell off as much of the remaining inventory of both games as possible, then decide on what comes next. Whether that means closing Bradan's World, keeping it small and nimble, or expanding depends on what the public wants.
Given that about 90 percent of new products do not succeed, that sometimes the ones which do either take years to catch on or are not explainable (baby shark song anyone?), and few ideas are profitable in the long run, we are not sure about the future of the Heroes. However, in the meantime we're living in the moment and focusing on making our customers happy with their new sets.
If we were to make another game, what would you want to see?

The cards are ready!

At long last, we have finally gotten set on moving forward with printing Heroes of History! Although it's unlikely your cards will come in time for Christmas (and certainly not for Hanukkah), we hope to get them to you in time for New Year's. Or you can sing: On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, five first-edition copies of Heroes of History.
It's a better gift than 5 golden rings, no?
In any case, stay posted to for more information on when the cards will actually arrive.

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Is American Education in Decline?

The latest round of news showing that ACT scores has been declining over the past few decades and is apparently "unexpected."Not only is intellectual knowledge declining, but the study cited in the article showed tham many young people are incapable of critical thinking, complex reasoning, or writing. Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Many of the students graduated without knowing how to sift fact from opinion, make a clear written argument or objectively review conflicting reports of a situation or event, according to New York University sociologist Richard Arum, lead author of the study. The students, for example, couldn't determine the cause of an increase in neighborhood crime or how best to respond without being swayed by emotional testimony and political spin.

Arum, whose book "Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses" (University of Chicago Press) comes out this month, followed 2,322 traditional-age students from the fall of 2005 to the spring of 2009 and examined testing data and student surveys at a broad range of 24 U.S. colleges and universities, from the highly selective to the less selective.

Forty-five percent of students made no significant improvement in their critical thinking, reasoning or writing skills during the first two years of college, according to the study. After four years, 36 percent showed no significant gains in these so-called "higher order" thinking skills."

Yet we've spent billions on public education and on various teaching methods (such as excessively large numbers of standardized tests)  and to the shock of our leaders, the students haven't improved any learning. Now, why is that?  

"Combining the hours spent studying and in class, students devoted less than a fifth of their time each week to academic pursuits. By contrast, students spent 51 percent of their time — or 85 hours a week — socializing or in extracurricular activities.


The study marks one of the first times a cohort of undergraduates has been followed over four years to examine whether they're learning specific skills. It provides a portrait of the complex set of factors, from the quality of secondary school preparation to the academic demands on campus, which determine learning.


Arum concluded that while students at highly selective schools made more gains than those at less selective schools, there are even greater disparities within institutions.

"In all these 24 colleges and universities, you have pockets of kids that are working hard and learning at very high rates," Arum said. "There is this variation across colleges, but even greater variation within colleges in how much kids are applying themselves and learning."

So basically, we have "education inequality" where students who go to top schools end up outperforming those at less selective schools. This is really not a shock, given that often parents in more selective schools tend to be more involved with their children's education.

The other point about students not spending enough time on academics is completely accurate. Due to poor policies such as social promotion (allowing students to pass to the next grade even when they do not meet basic academic standards) and curving grades so more people can get an A whether they deserve it or not, students have little incentive to study. Why bother when you'll get passed to the next grade with at least a C no matter what you do?




"The study's authors also found that large numbers of students didn't enroll in courses requiring substantial work. In a typical semester, a third of students took no courses with more than 40 pages of reading per week. Half didn't take a single course in which they wrote more than 20 pages over the semester."

So students who are not prepared in K-12 education are, to little surprise, not prepared to take on rigorous coursework. Which should not be a surprise why so many students avoid the toughest classes and end up enrolling in classes with professors who are not known for assigning rigorous coursework. Teaching students to suddenly engage in challenging coursework when they have not done so for years is a challenge we have not been able to meet.

Ultimately, unless we start getting serious about the overall quality of our education system, we will continue to see students avoid rigorous work and lack in areas that are important to our society.




Take a look at our cards

If you have been wondering when our cards will come out now you know! We are about to get this game shipped to our USA location, where they will be boxed and shipped to all our backs. 
Watch the video to see what the new set looks like.
#HeroesofHistory #cardgame #tabletop


September 10, 2018
Heroes of History set finally here!
After many months of redoing the Heroes set, we finally produced a sample copy.
We finished the first half of our journey last November, working hard to persuade backers to help bring the Heroes to Life. However, a review of the set we had shown at the time revealed that it did not meet the high standards we expect from our products. So we endeavored to redo the graphic design for the cards, the box, and the rulebook, and we added 9 new expansion pack cards primarily for this Kickstarter campaign.  It took several months but the entire set was redone to make the art easier to see and the cards easier to read, not to mention a sleek new look we think fans will love.
The next step was to choose a new printer. The company we were considering for the Kickstarter campaign fell through and we went with option B and then Option C, which we are hoping will work without having to go to Option D! We had issues matching our files to what the printers needed, so that took MORE time to make revisions to print with the proper bleed, trim, etc. Do Fine Games is the company we are currently working with to get this set made.
We've had nearly 9 months of setbacks, and it took far longer than anticipated to find a printer and come to terms with getting this set made. We are now awaiting the actual printed sets but are confident they will feel as beautiful as they look (check the picture out in the PDF file). If they do meet our standards, we will order the full pallet of copies to deliver to our HQ so we can then ship copies to backers.
This process is part of an ongoing dialogue on how to build  a community and not just a game. Let us know how to feel by commenting or by emailing us at: We want to know how we can improve and what we can do better.

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The Education System is Failing Our Kids

Bradan's World will soon have Heroes of History featured in a new review of Heroes of History. The reviwer had glowing things to say about the game, but this line in particular stood out:
"the game is PERFECT for equipping younger students with experiential learning opportunities. Was that an intentional decision ...or was it an indirect effect of developing the game? I know games like this are sometimes harder for younger kids to grasp (a lot of them just end up collecting the cards rather than playing the actual game)."
The reason Bradan's World was founded was PRECISELY for this reason. Contrary to what some believe, we are NOT a card game company; rather, we are about improving learning by using games. Now, this is not limited exclusively to children. We also can produce educational games to assist adults, whether that's getting into business school or learning to do your job better. However, the point is the same in that most children and adults are disengaged from learning.
Just as an example, on the last 8th grade U.S. History assessment by the US Department of Education, most students scored less than "proficient" on basic knowledge of our countries founding. 
Even the gifted students don't perform much better. A recent student by the National Assessment of Educational Progress shows that only 18% of Honors Algebra I graduates had what could be deemed as a "rigorous" course. A significant portion of time is dedicated to studying subjects deemed "less rigorous". 
There are far more examples of kids and parents struggling with Common Core Mathof teacher burnout, or of overall lack of school funding, among problems in our schools- and this doesn't even count the number of Adults in remedial classes or who cannot read and write on a basic level (it's a heartbreaking 14% as of a recent student, or 50 million American adults). We can and should do better for all.
Our games are not about assigning blame for mediocre scholastic performance or poorly educated adults. We are trying to show that we have an idea as to how we can improve learning in America, as well as for people in other countries. Stay tuned to this series as we explore this troubling trend in education decline.

Three Reasons Why Tabletop Games are Making a Comeback

If you haven't seen any of the recent Articles on the comeback of tabletop gaming, you're not seeing the beginning of a new movement in gaming where people are meeting offline to interact face-to-face. This is a minor nuisance to the $100 billion video gaming industry, but for the barely-$1 billion tabletop industry, it's welcome news as these games are making a comeback.
We've spent the last 2 years at tabletop game festivals around the country and the interest really is there. Although the old classics of Magic: The Gathering and Settlers of Catan still reign, there are many new games, both at the indie level and at the "commercial level". While tabletop gamers are usually a little older (35+), we've seen an increase in gamers under 30 and at many of the conventions we've attended we've seen plenty of kids playing the games.
There are 3 main reasons why tabletop gaming is making a comeback:
1. Tabletop gaming offers players a chance to interact socially and try games they have not played before.
2. Tabletop games lack the visual and audio stimulation of video and computer games, which mean players have to be more imaginative in how the game unfolds and how they experience the game. 
3. In an age where everyone's attention span has shrunk, video games can take many hours, days, weeks, or months to fully complete a level. In contrast, most tabletop games take less than 3 hours to play in full.
Comments? email us at

First drafts are done!

The first drafts for the new set of Heroes of History cards, the 9-card booster expansion, are all finished. Check out our Facebook page or Kickstarter page for more information and to view our cards. As of this writing we are currently finalizing black and white sketches and are into the next stage, color drafts of the cards.
If you would like to purchase either the latest set, Iron Phalanx vs. Dragonboat Raiders, and/or the 9-card expansion set, e-mail the owner at 

We are finished!

 At long last, we have completed the full artwork on Heroes of History. We are now in the process of selecting printers. Right now we are looking strongly at using Drive Thru Cards to produce the expansion set, and are debating between final choices for the decks themselves. Keep up to for new updates and news on all things Heroes!

We are FUNDED!

The second set of Heroes of History is funded! On our second try, Heroes raised $5,340 and is now in the final states of pre-production, before going to the printer.
We will soon be unveiling our first-look expansion sets featuring Blackbeard, the Queen Anne's Revenge, and Julius Caesar, among cards that are part of a limited-run booster set. Keep visiting for all the latest updates on the set!

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Stores carrying Heroes of History

Please support small businesses and local game stores by purchasing copies of Heroes of History from any of the following locations:
Gamer's Gambit- Danbury
Kid's Ketch- Lewes
The Days of Knights- Newark
Mason's Used Books- Ocean City
Shananigans- Baltimore
Neverland Games- Hagerstown
National Museum of Civil War Medicine- Frederick
Round Table Games- Carver
JP Comics and Games- Jamaica Plain
New Jersey
All in One Collectibles- Randolph
Stormwatch Comics- West Berlin
Aetherstorm Gaming- North Cape May
East Coast Gamers- Toms River
Dragon's Lair- Newton
Tiki Tiki Board Games- Woodbury
Elite Battlegrounds- Green Twsp.
Time Warp Comics and Games- Cedar Grove
Carnation City Comics- Alliance
Taz's Games- Alliance
The Guard Tower- Columbus
The Games Keep- West Chester
Phantom of the Attic Comics- Pittsburgh
Valley Forge National Park- Valley Forge (The Encampment Store)
Phantasm Comics- New Hope
Portal Comics and Gaming- Bethlehem
Adventure Games- Scranton
Pamplin Historical Park & National Museum of the American Civil War Soldier
Comic Kings- Virginia Beach
Tower of Games- Virginia Beach
Museum of the Confederacy- Richmond & Appomattox 
Starport- Lynchburg
The Game Vault- Fredericksburg
Patriot Games- Woodbridge
West Virginia
Your Hobby Place-Martinsburg
Don't see your store up there? Or want to order copies of Heroes of History? Reach us at

Heroes of History TV Show Part of New Service Offering

     Bradan's World is announcing that the first iteration of the Heroes of History TV show as an effort to boost interest in the Heroes of History Card Game and also to test the next stage of the business model, which is to offer clients custom-made videos specifically designed to boost learning performance for any age group or situation.
      The first episode is set to be released in mid-November and will feature the theme "Make Alexander Great Again". This short miniseries will focus on Alex the Great's efforts to win an election in the fictional town of Eastbury. The series will intersperse historical information into the plot to engage audiences so they better retain information.
     The objective is to launch a new creative service, producing educational media series for any range of topics or needs. Want a TV series to specifically teach algebra? We're betting we can create something more engaging than any other video service, and which are tailored to your needs to better improve algebra test scores in your classroom. Are you a business who wants a better way of teaching complex occupation safety hazard principles to your employees? We can create the appropriate form of media to help your employees better retain relevant information. We work with you to help identify your goals, and assist in researching your topic to make sure we're getting you the most value for your dollar.
     This service is available on a beta level only; as such we'll give you 30 percent off our normal price to be a part of our trial run.  
     For more information or to inquire abour video production services, contact the Owner at

Iron Phalanx vs. Dragonboat Raiders comes September 7th

Have you ever wanted to know what would happen if Alexander the Great fought Erik Bloodaxe? Or what if Alexander had to fight Thor instead? On September 7th, you'll have that chance with the first expansion for the Heroes of History Card Game ( featured on Kickstarter.

When Iron Phalanx faces Dragonboat Raiders, players will have the chance to play heroes and kings of ancient Greece and Scandanavia in an effort to win the battle in the Trenches and seize the day. Use cards like Wheel of Fates or Long Walls to keep your opponent from attacking your forces. Then, turn the tide with King Leonidas and Odysseus, each wielding sarissa spears, on your Norse opponent. But beware- the Norsemen can bring out Thor and Rollo at any time, use Magic Runestones to enhance Thor's power, and let him use Mjolnir to hammer away at your State Points. If you don't like where the battle's going, choose to fight in Valhalla or the Palace of Knossos (also known as the Minotaur's Lair) and see if you can overwhelm your opponent with your power!

Regular updates will be on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We hope you will consider funding this campaign!



We will make the  following upcoming appearances:
August 21-27 West End Fair Gilbert, PA
August 25-28 TempleCon Providence, Rhode Island
September 10 Boston Festival of Indie Games Cambridge, MA
September 17 Connecticut Festival of Indie Games
Tabletop Shop in Newington, CT

Heroes of History rulebook

Attached is the Heroes of History rulebook. Click the link for the full rules.

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Bradan's World to Sponsor CT-FIG

Newark- Bradan's World is pleased to be a sponsor for the Connecticut Festival of Indie Games, hosted by Geek Fever Games and The Tabletop Shop in Newington, CT.
"This is the first time Bradan's World has ever been a sponsor of any event," said Sam Friedman, Owner. "And we couldn't have picked a better event- an up-and-coming tabletop game festival wwhich is introducing new gamers to the rennaissance of tabletop gaming we've seen over the last seven years."
In addition to showing off Heroes of History: Midnight Riders and Echoes of the Plains, Bradan's World will also show off the expansion set of Iron Phalanx and Dragonboat Raiders. Players will be able to duel with Greek and Norse legends, with an all-new set of weapon, battlefield, and supply cards to use against your opposition.

Kickstarter relaunch on May 16th!

At long last, Heroes of History is coming back! On Tuesday, May 16th, Heroes will relaunch its campaign. The goal: Raise enough money to get the second set printed up. 

This time the gods of Valhalla and Olympus have come to join real-life legends to create a battle that's literally for the ages. Give Thor Mjolnir and hammer away at King Leonidas before his 300 Spartans finish their shield wall. Or, turn the tables with Odysseus wielding Artemis's Bow and feed Viking kings to the Minotaur. And for more fun, bring in the Americans for a truly timeless brawl!  

DISCLOSURE: This is an expansion set for the original Heroes of History card game, featuring Midnight Riders (Revolutionary War) and Echoes of the Plains (Civil War). You do NOT need the first set to play the second set. They can be played together or separately.



Be a part of us with this, and you will win some awesome rewards, plus you're helping to make history epic!

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Heroes of History Finalist for FIGGIE Award

Newark, DE- Bradan's World is pleased to announce that Heroes of History, the company's inaugural game, has been selected to be showcased at the Boston Festival of Indie Games and is a finalist for a FIGGIE from the festival.
"This is a big deal," says Samuel Friedman, Owner. "This is an up-and-coming award and I've noticed whenever I speak to game store owners or museum gift shop managers and tell them about the FIGGIE, they are always impressed. The selective nature of the award and the caliber of the judges within the tabletop community shows that Heroes of History is a great game that covers both the fun of smashing your opponents in the trenches with weapons, while also providing some educational value to gamers."
The Fifth Annual Boston Festival of Indie Games takes places Saturday, September 10th at the MIT Johnson Athletic Center in Cambridge, MA from 10am-5pm. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.
About Bradan's World: We are an educational gaming company with a focus on games that make learning more interesting. Heroes of History lets you play as Combatants from different time periods to see who would win in a battle in the trenches. For more information, please  contact us at:
Samuel Friedman

New Direction for Bradan's World

In 2015, when the idea for Bradan's World was hatched, the  concept was simple: develop a strategy to help people learn better outside the traditional education model. I had spent several years in the education world and found that both children and adults didn't seem to learn well, whether in school or the workforce, due to outdated methods of teaching.
My first game, Heroes of History, was devised a few months later, although it was not the original idea for Bradan's World. For a while, I had considered how to best promote Bradan's World- I decided games would do the trick. After flinging around some ideas, I noticed that I really liked the idea of George Washinton being a playable action character who could fight in combat againt other notable characters of the American Revolution. I later combined them with Civil War characters to create the first set, which was Midnight Riders vs. Echoes of the Plains. I poured myself into finding the historical facts needed to prove the game and make it work. I went on tour around the mid-Atlantic region and went to many gaming conventions, all to get Heroes of History on the ground. 
The second set, Iron Phalanx vs Dragonboat Raiders, was published in early 2020, having been in the works for over 3 years. Both sets were successfully funded on Kickstarter, but neither set has sold enough to justify keeping going.

After more than three years working on Heroes of History, I unfortunately must say the time to close up is now. I still have a few copies available for individual sale although the main portion of business is now complete and will wrap up in 2020. I appreciate the support of everyone who helped me, includng (but not limited to): my brother Eric; parents Fidelia and Doug, and sister Becky; friend Isaiah Cohen and his family; my uncle Ricky, Aunt Jill, Aunt Meg, and all the game stores and history museums which have taken a chance on Heroes of History. To all those not named, I still thank you for everything you did to help bring the Heroes to Life.
Instead, I will now focus on the new chapter- Bradan's World will remain, but not as a formal business. It will convert to a hobby blog/vlog until such time in the future as I am able to resume operations, although Heroes of History will be retired to the Museum unless demand picks up in the future to resume operations. If you are seeking to purchase any remaining copies o the game, email for your needs.
Coming up next: Fantasy in society- including a famous burger lady.